Digital Carnival 2018


This year at the CIO Convex 2018, The Learning Experience Passport is launched for delegates to enhance their knowledge of Next Gen Government: Embracing Innovation and Disruption.
This platform allows government officials to learn and connect with International, local and Industry speakers giving them the opportunity to go in depth into the upcoming technology trends.
We are hope you will go on this journey with us, to further enhance the services of your agencies to the citizens.


Learning Experience Passport

  • The objective of the passport is to give attendees a chance to visit all the stands in the Digital Carnival.
  • Each attendee will be given a Learning Experience Passport.
  • Each attendee must visit all stands by morning coffee break on 14th November 2018.
  • Each attendee must have all pages in the Learning Experience Passport stamped to qualify for the Technology Competition session.
  • Stamps will be available at each stand in the Digital Carnival as indicated in the passport.
  • Testimonial in the Learning Experience Passport must be filled legibly.
  • Contact details segments in the Learning Experience Passport must be completed legibly and completely.
  • Upon completion, attendee must drop-off the Learning Experience Passport at the registration desk by the coffee break on the 14th November 2018.


  • All segments of the passport must be completed.
  • All information must be legible.
  • Candidate must be present to receive the award.
  • Awards will be given on stage on the 14th November 2018.

Digital Carnival Stamps

Collect the stamps from all the stands and win exciting prizes

Digital Carnival Prizes

You could be one of the winners to win these exciting prizes