About CIO Convex 2018

Public Sector CIO Convex enters its 3rd glorious year! 

Public Sector CIO Convex 2018 is an annual congregation of Government agencies’ CIOs, strategic partners from industries as well as local and international experts to come together and discuss various tools, technologies and initiatives to serve our citizens better.

Innovation in public service has become a new normal. Thus, embracing innovation and transformation in the public sector is imperative. Rapid technological innovation continues to upend familiar paradigms. This makes transformation - that is, achieving a fundamental change in strategy, operating model, organisation, people and processes even more important.

Digitisation has unleashed new opportunities thus paving the way to design value-based, data-driven, citizen centric service models and transform the way public is served.

Malaysian public sector is invigorated and revitalised under New Malaysia and continues its march towards delivering seamless, omnichannel and world-class service to its citizens.

Public Sector CIO Convex started this glorious journey in 2016 and have grown stronger with the support and participation of our Government agencies CIO’s and industry partners. 

This year we bring three innovative streams namely:
  1. MYGOSCON - Harnessing the Potential of Open Source, Sharing Latest Trends, Addressing Upcoming Challenges and Identifying new Opportunities for a Successful Digital Journey
  2. DigiTech - Accelerating Government's Capability and Use of Digital Transformation Tools
  3. SecureTech - Interconnectedness of Physical and Digital Security

  1. To spur digital transformation in delivering Digital Government Services
  2. To promote public sector ICT products and initiative
  3. To recognise agencies’ commitment and excellence in implementing Government ICT projects
  4. To provide networking opportunities between Government, private sector and Open Source Community


 “Next-Gen Government – Embracing Innovation and Disruption”

  1. Next-Gen Government is a modern government. It is a progressive and a welfare oriented Government. 
  2. It is a government which is embracing disruption to support people and business.
  3. Next-Gen Government encourages and adopts innovation as a way to serve its citizens seamlessly and help grow economy and society.
  4. Next-gen Government has citizens at the heart of every policy, program and process.
Focus Area
  1. Next Generation Government
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Data Analytics
  4. Open Source Software
  5. Cyber Security
  6. Cloud Computing
  7. Blockchain Technology
  8. Citizen Centric Design
  9. Design Services
We invite our esteemed delegates to be part of this ongoing journey towards achieving digital excellence and embark on the next phase of digital transformation to serve our citizens better.

Let’s make a difference together!