Join us at the 4th Annual Malaysia Public Sector CIO Convex in 2019!

Public Sector CIO Convex is an annual congregation of Government agencies’ CIOs, strategic partners from industries as well as local and international experts to come together and discuss various tools, technologies, and initiatives to serve the citizens better.

An aging population, the rise of millennials, budget shortfalls and dwindling resources will significantly impact the way government delivers services in the coming decades, but no single factor will be more important than the power of digital technologies.

Governments, across the globe, are in the midst of a historic transformation from analogue operation system to digitalised infrastructure. Digital government requires a new way of thinking at each and every level of an organisation to better deliver on its mission. Leadership in the digital age means promoting agility, experimentation, collaboration and change. It is imperative to have leadership at every level to create a change in culture.

There is a real opportunity to take digital government to the next level by not only incorporating digital practices but also embedding digital within the culture and leadership. Public Sector CIO Convex 2019 will provide a forum for the public sector leaders to collaborate on digital strategies at a government enterprise scale.

The role of the CIO has become a business-focused role that is more complex and broader in responsibilities than it has ever been before. This CIO will be measured beyond technology excellence and will be charged with how the organisations will use technology to achieve business vision and serve the citizens.

Get Inspired by world-class international speakers and local digital leaders.

This year there will be 2 streams discussing the issues at heart of the ICT transformation:
  1. DigiTech
    • Spurring Organisations’ Capability In Intelligent Cloud, Augmented Intelligence And Big Data  
  2. SecureTech
    • Focus Towards Predict, Detect, Respond And Prevent


"Gaining the Edge: Navigating the Future"

To grasp the opportunities to steer digital government to the next level by incorporating and embedding digital practices towards common prosperity

  • To provide a sharing ideas’ platform on the latest scenario and trend of technology which can be a potential catalyst in enhancing government citizen-centric delivery system.
  • To increase users’ confidence on the effectiveness of open source system development and implementation towards government digital transformation.
  • To allow strategic collaboration among government agencies, academia, private sector and open source community, both local and international, in the direction of realizing the digital government aspiration.

  • Agility
  • Emerging Technology
  • Digital Resilience
  • Digital First, Citizen Centric
  • Data Analytics
  • Cyber Security

Come HEARENGAGE, and LEARN to be part of the journey towards accelerating digital transformation.
Are you READY to get inspired?